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What Areas Do You Cover?

We work throughout  Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, London, Kent and Norfolk.

How Do I Know If I Have A Pipe Leak?
Signs of a pipe leak may not always be obvious. However an unnoticed pipe leak can waste you money and cause serious damage to your home. Some of the warning signs include a sudden spike in your water bill, indicating you are using more water than usual. Visible mould is also a very common sign. Stained and damaged ceilings, walls and floors, suggest that something is going on behind the surface. These left unaddressed can cause significant damage to your home.
What Should I Do If A Pipe Bursts?
If a water pipe bursts, you should immediately turn off your water supply and electricity in the affected room. Then, in an effort to prevent damage, try to remove any furniture from the affected areas. then get in touch with an emergency plumber, such as ourselves immediately.
How Do I Know If I Have A Gas Leak?
If a gas leak goes unnoticed, it can be extremely dangerous for your health. The smell is the most evident indicator of this kind of gas leak. Avoid lighting any sparks or matches in your home if you smell gas because doing so could start a fire or small explosion. In the event of a gas leak ensure everyone is out from the house immediately. Leaving the doors open. A gas leak will require the urgent attention of a trained professional.
How Often Should I Service My Boiler?
It is advised that you have your boiler serviced annually, in order to keep it working safely and effectively. If it’s time for you to have your boiler serviced, our experts can help. Contact us today!
How Do I Get In Contact With You?

To get in contact, you can call #, send an email to or get in touch with us through our contact page.

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